The new year is approaching, do you already know the trends in decoration for 2016?

Yes, we are about to start 2016 as incredible as it may seem. Time passes quickly and just as quickly passes and trends also change, but reading and informing us we can keep up to date with everything. In 2016, past trends will return, some who have had a lot to say these past years will go away and above all you will have a lot of new and different options. Today we are going to review the best proposals for this new stage, with the help of Leroy Merlin.

You will be captivated by the retro

Retro style It is one of the best targets for the new year. It's about the combination of classic elements with avant-garde elements: It is nourished by geometric shapes, pastel tones and manicured forms with a point of romanticism that complement the sobriety of the 40-50 furniture. It is a trend that is not only beautiful but works due to the use of white and beige tones, providing luminosity and space, already the cakes that bring that serenity and elegance so sought after by all.

To achieve this retro style there are fundamental elements that you can not miss, such as wallpapers with geometric prints and combinations of them, also the textures to create relief and the mix of soft colors.

The natural will destroy

It is a trend that has been with us for some time and is still one of the most appreciated of the moment. In 2016 it will become something fundamental in decoration Although we can find some change. The furniture that will take the most will be the wooden ones, but you may leave behind the uniform versions of it and bet on the ones that have something more streak.

Natural elements will also be protagonists. The flowers are still a natural element that devastates decoration and that you can carefully keep perfect at home for a long time providing a wonderful aesthetic. The same thing happens with fabrics such as linen or cotton, which you will use again to bring that rustic and natural touch that will be so fashionable.

Yellow gains importance

It is a risky color and can cause a lot of impact But the truth is that it will be one of the most demanded colors. You can choose the shade of the range of yellows that you like the most and combine it with other shades, gray will be yellow's best mate For the whole house. It is still a bit atypical but everything is getting used to, the light that will bring you in small rooms is incredible.

The marsala stays

Saying only one color would be a mistake because according to the different styles and ways of decoration more tones or others will be carried. The marsala color has been the color of 2015 but everything indicates that it will also be very important in 2016. It is a very intense tone that inspires sobriety and confidence. Together with black and white it is one of the most elegant colors in the palette. You can use it both in small details and on the wall of the house, it is a pleasant color that will not tire you.

Pink quartz and serenity blue arrive

Rose quartz Y the serenity blue, on the other hand, they have just become a trend but you will see them so much that they will conquer you. They are somewhat more complex tones than the marsala but that will undoubtedly bring calm and style to your home.

How to fit them into the decoration in a simple way? You can use them in the upholstery of an auxiliary sofa or of an independent chair or stool, also in decorative elements, in cushions, carpets and curtains. In its right measure you will achieve harmony and tranquility.

Also black and white

And to finish reviewing the colors and trends for 2016, the combination par excellence in fields such as fashion cannot be overlooked. Coco Chanel He was in charge of making white with black fashionable and now nobody can stop it. In decoration these tones will also have a lot to say that are part of the contemporary style for a few years.

The seriousness of the black against the purity of the white like, is carried. A large mass of white with black details is usually used in decoration, it is the most elegant alternative and also functional due to space and brightness.

On the Leroy Merlin website, you will find everything you need to adapt your house to the trends of 2016, which one do you prefer?

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