Hunting decorative bargains for Star Wars fans

I know that many of you have already bought the tickets for go to the movies tomorrow to watch Star Wars Episode VII. The week is getting very complicated for those who want to avoid spoilers, but I guarantee that in Decoesfera we will not do even half ... The only thing that we are going to show you are decorative options related to the saga and that these days are also on offer.

You already know that when something is a trend it is not easy to get it lowered, because there is usually a lot of demand, but interesting things are always found. On this occasion there are: bedding, carpets, clocks, kitchen utensils, lamps or wall decorations all with the theme Star Wars and discounts of up to 38%. Let's go there with our Hunting Bargains more geek.

  • We started with a duvet cover for a bed of ninety that includes GAMANATURA bottom sheet, your children will thank you and it costs at Amazon 63.01 euros with a 16% discount.

  • The Star Wars lamp in the photo on these lines is in Half markt for 59.90 euros.

  • A painting of the artist Eugene on canvas of 76.20 x 101.6 centimeters is in Amazon for 145.00 with a discount of 6%. Ideal for decorating the wall of the living room or office ... Or any room.

  • A cup of breakfast, also Star Wars design, in white ceramic from SD toys costs these days at Amazon 10.36 euros with a 20% discount.

  • The mold of oven of Darth Vader of GGS, that you can see in the photo on these lines, we have found it for just 10.00 euros with a 23% discount.

  • And the salt and pepper shaker game by Darth Vader and Stormtrooper in Curiosite It costs 19.99 euros. The ideal gift for the table of all Star Wars fans who are looking forward to seeing something like this in their dining room.

  • We found a digital alarm clock from Darth Vader in Lego from Universal Trends for 35.12 euros, with a 12% discount also on Amazon.

  • And the Lego Star Wars 4193353 Alarm clock for only 24.92 euros with a 38% discount. And be careful because there are several more models of alarm clocks of the same style to choose from, each with its discount.

  • In Carrefour We have found, among other things, a Star Wars backpack and alarm set for 21.90 euros, with 7 euros of discount on its original price.

  • For the wall, for example, a set of 31 Star Wars stickers, we find them these days for 16.99 euros, with a 11% discount.

  • We also have 100 x 160 centimeters carpet for the floor, you can see it in the photo on these lines and it costs 52.36 euros with a 13% discount.

  • Some items are going to be new for sale from next January, but we can already take note of some of the most interesting, for example, a Star Wars beach towel that is available in prevent costs 17.36 euros, with free shipping and a 31% discount.

And here the official summary of today, next week we will return with a new installment of Hunting Gangas, full of discounts and good prices, and until then, how could it be otherwise ... May the force be with you!

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Disney Star Wars Sides - 2-Piece Nordic Bag for 90 cm Bed

Today in amazon for 0¤

2679 - Darth Vader Baking Mold

Today in Amazon for € 12.15

Universal Trends CT00211 - Darth Vader digital alarm clock in Lego

Today in Amazon for € 39.75

Lego Star Wars 4193353 - Alarm clock

Today in Amazon for € 34.50

Star Wars SW-5 - Carpet (100 x 160 cm)

Today in Amazon for € 117.30

Star Wars 2200001418 - Beach towel, multicolored

Today in Amazon for € 7.64

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