The best houses of 2015

Coinciding with the end of the year. We continue with our specials to know the most outstanding publications that we have prepared in Descosphere during the last twelve months, and today it is the turn of The best houses of 2015. A complicated selection, because Decoesfera has passed many houses that have called us for multiple reasons.

For the design, for its decoration, for being raised in places of unparalleled beauty, for taking full advantage of its small size ... So if you want to see a Small selection of the houses that we liked the most during 2015, join us reading the rest of the post ...

A spectacular rehabilitation in Cerdanya

I have to admit that I prefer the rehabilitated houses to the newly built houses. It will be for its past, for history, for hiding a thousand and one stories in its stone walls ... The case is that houses like the one we taught you a few weeks ago, and that is the result of a spectacular rehabilitation in the Cerdanya that has taken advantage existing buildings redistributing interior spaces to adapt them to new uses, is simply great.

A house in Sarriá that distills comfort

It will be for him chester sofa, or by the use of wood on the walls ... The fact is that this house seemed super cozy combining modern elements with classic pieces in the history of furniture. This house is located in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, and underwent a comprehensive reform by DOM Arquitectura.

An Andalusian house full of harmony

From the north of the country we go to Andalusia to remember this spacious and harmonious house that He has the pool as the main protagonist which had to be completely renovated and in which a great planning work had to be done to adapt the spaces to the new uses.

A house open to the outside

We leave Spain to travel to Johannesburg, in South Africa, to get to know Kloof Road House, a house full of light that literally opens outwards thanks to the important presence of glass walls. As a curiosity, the house has a pond with fish that can be seen both from inside the house and from the garden itself.

A house in Barcelona full of geometry

We return to our country to remember this beautiful house located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona structured around a central core of square geometry in plan, and in which wood has a very important role.

A house in Madrid faithful reflection of its owner

Flavored houses are those that when you enter it, tell us things about the people who live there. And that happens in this house in Madrid with a original and bohemian decoration It reflects the life and personality of its owner, a Frenchwoman born in Africa, who lived in a sailboat until age 12, and in which after the reform, she has made the most of the surface of the house.

A loft with views in Manhattan

In a special of the best houses of 2015 could not miss a loft in Manhattan. An apartment with a terrace with incredible views over the city skyline, and a exquisite decoration and full of contrasts inside, with classic and current pieces to create a special atmosphere.

A flat of Nordic airs in Gothenburg

You could not miss in this special of the best houses of 2015 a house in which the Nordic environment. Located in an old building in Gothenburg in Sweden, this house has incredible three-meter high ceilings, plaster moldings, beautiful closed fireplaces ... Elements that make this apartment a real gem.

A house next to the Danish royal palace

From Sweden we go to Denmark to get to know this 216 square meter house built in 1775 in the center of Copenhagen a few meters from the royal palace where the Danish royal family lives, and which retains a good number of original elements, such as the ground of original wood, the great height of its roofs of more than 3 meters or the great chimney of the living room.

A sustainable house that turns to take advantage of the sun

In addition to the houses that we like for how they have been rehabilitated, or for interior design, throughout this year we have also seen different houses, such as this sustainable house that rotates to take advantage of the sun thanks to a sophisticated home automation system of rotation on its own axis that allows you adapt thermal comfort at every moment of the day.

A house that is transformed with mobile furniture

The lack of space is the great concern for the inhabitants of the big cities. And that's why we wanted to rescue for this summary of the best houses of the year, a house that is transformed thanks to mobile furniture and that allows to have multifunctional spaces.

Canal House, an unusual house in Amsterdam

We continue through northern Europe, staying now in Amsterdam to remember this bright house that combines the tradition and personality of the era in which they were built, but has been renovated taking advantage of modern technology and materials.

A house with music as a great protagonist

It is always a good idea to decorate the house around our hobbies, and in this case, the owner of this house in Gothenburg decided that music was the main protagonist of his home And how did he do it? Combining minimalist furniture and the color palette in gray and white so that the real prominence would have the musical instruments that are scattered throughout the rooms.

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