Embossed ceramics, a great idea to get the 3D effect on your coatings

Among the trends that have been emerging in recent years, the ceramic tiles with reliefs They have gained a deserved prominence. The use of this type of wall and floor tiles is an excellent choice for step up style, either extremely sophisticated or on the contrary, the one in which simplicity prevails.

The idea is to opt for 3D ceramic pieces that, either as the protagonist of the space or contributing details to the composition, stimulate our senses and permeate the rooms of their own character.

Today, the universe of ceramic floors and tiles is infinite and we can find floors inspired by natural materials that reproduce the betas of stone or wood; coatings where classic pieces are reinvented through shapes in the piece, new tones and ultra-bright finishes; bevel tiles; or walls with volumetric variations where geometric motifs seem to want to escape to fill every room in the house with vitality.

Sensory footprints

One of the most special reliefs that we can find in the ceramic collections are the ** inspired by nature **. A sensation that is possible to achieve thanks to the evolution towards new manufacturing techniques that achieve finishes and textures with spectacular results, achieving reproduce the veined materials both in the case of wood-inspired pieces and in that of exotic stones. Options that evoke nature with the advantage of the versatility offered by ceramics.

Bas-relief vs High-relief. Fight of forces

The bathrooms and kitchens They are two of the spaces where this type of collections takes center stage, since they are rooms that allow us to experiment with them with great freedom, until we find the options and decorative lines that define us. The traditional 10x10 or metro style formats are presented in neutral tones and acquire relief and ultra bright finishes.

Give dynamism to styles of industrial inspiration while respecting its simplicity becomes a priority. Employees in white or cream, the tiles with geometric volume they give a sophisticated and distinctive note that breaks with the simplicity of monochrome and focus the interest of space.

Embossed shapes that enhance the best dreams

The reliefs have to be considered and chosen with the same care as the colors as they cause so many emotional reactions like these and they are equally suggestive. The walls covered with volume tiles are able to evoke images both through sight and touch and invite. Either one metalized micro relief wall As with large ceramic waves, the result is a dynamic visual sensation and an energy recharge.

Ultra feminine touches

The most ** intimate interior design projects ** find the perfect complement in the raised coverings. Used in its most subtle forms, tiles with micro-reliefs or recalling the delicacy of the crochet, ceramic tiles designed with attention to these small details, evoke the handicrafts and the most feminine decorations.

Generally, in small formats, which encourage sensation of delicacy, these pieces use the lighter shades of the palette, even with faded color effects. On other occasions, sophisticated reliefs create surprising three-dimensional effects fused with subtle touches of color for optimistic environments and with a nod to tradition.

The world of ceramic flooring It advances so much that they offer us incredible solutions for our homes.

Video: How to Paint Dot Mandalas - Ceramic Tile - 205 - Sue Sloan (January 2020).

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