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The best and the worst of Christmas decoration in 13 gifs

Who else and who least had to go down or up one of these days to the storage room to rescue the ornaments of last Christmas to combine them with some new ones and get carried away by the most Christmas decorative spirit. The countdown has begun and when we realize we will all be sitting at the table for Christmas Eve dinner.
In the background we all like Christmas, because beautiful is by definition, but some rather like it very much in the background and on the surface it makes them a little nervous. In these cases the best is take it with humor, so we go with some laughs in the form of gif related to situations in which we are seeing ourselves in these days and in which we will see ourselves in which we have ahead.

When you get excited buying the tree and forget the size of your living room

The Christmas tree the bigger the prettier, but you must not forget that you live in a mini-floor and your living room has its limitations ... This scene of that mythical movie of the 80s Help, it's Christmas! It illustrates it perfectly. And by the way, what a great title for sure that many of you are thinking.

When it's your turn to untangle last year's lights

One of the mysteries of Christmas is how for three hundred and peak days the ornaments tangle alone in their boxes. Something like the socks that break alone in the drawers and you have to renew every new season ... No matter how much effort you put into keeping everything in an orderly manner, the lights and their corresponding cables will be a tangle.

When the office repellent tells you that last year's poinsettia still lasts

Everything lasts and becomes entangled from one year to another except Poinsettia, you always buy it and read our advice to keep it in good condition, but the reality is that you never get it to last from one year to another and much less that its leaves get back red

How would you like the Christmas tree to be decorated but it is not

And it is time to place the ornaments and they are already taking some time to invent an application that makes them all distributed evenly and balanced on the tree, because as it is a bit large, placing everything well can take you an entire afternoon ...

When you go with the lights and tinsel

The point is that eating, scratching and decorating at Christmas, everything is to start and the difficult thing is to stop on time ... If at home or in the office you have someone who goes through the Christmas deco you will have suffered a scene like this .

When Christmas decoration gets out of hand

Christmas decoration can get you both hands, that can go beyond what is the tree and the walls ... Some end up decorating themselves, their children and also pets.

When the cat wants to boycott your Christmas decoration

This is partly why many times pets and especially cats are revealed against Christmas decoration and can end up loading the entire tree with catastrophic consequences.

When you try to make a Christmas DIY you have seen on Pinterest and you have a scare

DIY fashion has come to everything, also to Christmas decoration. Surely you have found some very cool idea on Pinterest, you have tried to reproduce it and a trick has come out… Do not worry, I bet you are not the only one that has happened to you. Life is not as it looks on Pinterest, not even at Christmas.

When your mother-in-law shows you the Christmas center she has prepared

Another Christmas classic is dinner and lunch with in-laws and the political family. This year your mother-in-law has worked hard and has set up a table center that leaves no room for drinks and dishes, much less for food sources. Yes, she also uses Pinterest.

When in the middle of Christmas you have a bad day at the office

But between holidays and holidays you also have to keep working and the Christmas spirit has materialized in your office in a lot of ornaments against which to unleash your anger in the worst moments.

When your brother-in-law spills red wine on your favorite Christmas tablecloth

Some of the celebrations will also be in your home. At some point you will have been carried away by the spirit of Christmas and you will have bought a tablecloth that you only use once a year, very large and difficult to wash and iron as well as super expensive ... Wait for your brother-in-law, the one that worse you it falls, the red wine falls over it, you will see how funny.

When you have to save the tree and all the ornaments after the holidays

But the worst is yet to come and it is when after the day of Kings it is necessary to keep in boxes and take back to the storage room, everything placed in the last month, so that it becomes entangled and so that in a year the history returns to start.

But there is nothing more beautiful than a family Christmas

However, at Christmas every year we live very good moments. We all have beautiful and fun memories of some Christmas ... I say that if not by now we would not be celebrating, right?

And happy holidays!

In Decoesfera | Does your Christmas look bad? Well, decorate it well and you will see how it improves!

Video: 8 Christmas Pranks! Mean Gift Wrapping Ideas and Funny Pranks (January 2020).

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