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9 original ideas to decorate with poinsettias at Christmas

A little over a month ago we traveled to Paris to see firsthand the decorative trends with poinsettias for this Christmas. We already told you how the presentation was and we shared with you some proposals, but we have kept a selection of the most original ideas to decorate with poinsettias by the time the parties were closer.

We are all used to going to our trusted florist to buy the poinsettia, get home, put the pot on the table corresponding and ready ... And not bad, of course, but there are many other options more original and more fun than we can do with these plants that have so much prominence always in our Christmas. Let's see them!

Combine poinsettias with other flowers

Just as we make flower centers and bouquets throughout the year with various types, we can also do the same with poinsettias. There is no law that says they have to always be alone, without problem we can mix them with other flowers that match their color.

Contrast poinsettias with vintage elements such as vinyl

For the most daring and at the same time lovers of retro and vintage, there may be options as original when creating the centers such as mixing with decorative elements as different as vinyl records that we all have at home as a souvenir but that we almost never use to listen to music.

Place poinsettias on the ground around the Christmas tree

The poinsettias can be placed in different heights, on the table or on the furniture is fine, but we can also lower them to the ground. They will look great around the Christmas tree, helping us to cover the foot, something that always gives us so many headaches.

Choose poinsettias of other colors

Not all poinsettias are red, there are also other colors like pink or even yellow. Although the red ones are the easiest to get in many cities and they are also those to which we are most accustomed, the reality is that the others are also great in many environments and can help us achieve less classic styles at Christmas.

Place the poinsettias in vases of various shapes

It makes me a little sad to cut the poinsettias, but I recognize that also the flowers are great in vase. There are tricks to make the poinsettia after cutting last longer, such as putting the stem in water at 60 ° C for a few seconds before passing it to the water at room temperature.

Integrate poinsettias into a bookcase

We can change orientation and make it looks like the flowers come out of the bookshelf instead of standing on it. The effect achieved will depend largely on the shape and size of the shelf and the amount of flowers we have.

Cover the poinsettias with glass capsules

Another curious and original option is that of cover them with glass, not during all the time but for a special occasion such as during the Christmas Eve dinner or during the Christmas meal. This year our guests will be speechless with our decorations.

Use hanging pots

In addition to soil pots and orientation changes, there is also the option of hanging pots that can help us to take poinsettias to different heights and to place exactly where we want. In the image they are placed on a tree-like structure composing an advent calendar.

Incorporate poinsettias into jewelry design

And we end up with something difficult to overcome in originality that is the integration of flowers and leaves of poinsettias in jewelry design. On the one hand it is hard to believe that this possibility exists, but on the other when seeing the images it is clear that the result is fantastic and it seems surprising that we have not seen it before. Don't you love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese Christmas jewels?

So if you haven't bought yours yet, I don't know what you're waiting for ... In the florists are already full with poinsettias of all colors and of all sizes so that we can choose the ones that best fit our taste and our decorative style and with the projects we want to do with them.

Video: Beautiful DIY Poinsettia Centerpiece. 18th Day of Christmas 2015! (January 2020).

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