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The best tips to save on heating

We are immersed in the Christmas decoration, the gifts, the costumes of the children's function and social events, which are piled up on these dates. Meals, dinners of coworkers, former students of the school, the university and even the Colegio Mayor and we do not stop, but when we arrive at home we want it to be comfortable and warm.

The cold has surprised us this past week and to go in shirt sleeves, we have passed fleece lining and earmuffs, and also our houses are colder or that seems to us because of the tremendous temperature changeBut what can we do to keep them warm without leaving a kidney?

Although there are still the ** streets covered with ice and snow **, there is no doubt that it is coming, there is nothing more to see the cold that is early in the morning and as soon as the sun disappears. and our houses notice it. Don't worry, I'm not going to put the video of the pots, although for those who want it you have it here. Let's see the steps to follow so that our house heats up in the shortest time with the least expense, tea cup and spoon plate apart.

Bleed the radiators and check the boiler

This step should have been taken in good weather, a couple of months ago. Must drain the radiator air at least once a year so that when the radiators start up when the cold arrives, the water gets hot and the radiator starts up. For those who have never done so, it is about opening the radiator key and letting the air out, when only water starts to come out, the radiator will be clean and ready to run. maximum performance.

If during the summer you had the sofa in front of the radiator, it should be redistribute your decoration. It is not advisable to have anything in front or to the side because it will hinder the adequate diffusion of hot air. The best location for a radiator is under a window and that matches its length with that of the window to favor the correct hot air diffusion By the room.

If your heating system uses a boiler do not forget it, you must keep it perfectly preserved because a good boiler saves Up to 15% energy.

Insulate your house well

Isolation is fundamental, window weatherstripping or systems of double glazing or double window They reduce heat loss by almost half compared to single glazing.

The wood carpentry It is the one that insulates the most, because iron or aluminum allow the passage of cold or heat very easily. They are also highly recommended joinery with thermal break because they have an insulating material in the internal and external part of the frame.

A classic to see where the heat is going (and your money) is detect air currents with a lit candle. The swing of the flame when placed in front of the window will tell you if there are air infiltrations. Once detected, silicone slits cover, putty or weatherstripping

Choose your temperature (with head)

The temperature you choose to heat your home determines your energy consumption. For each degree we increase the temperature increases by approximately 7% energy consumption. At home you have to go with a jersey, yes, yes, in winter with a sweater. It is not normal to enter a house and in the middle of January with snow in the garden there are people with bare feet and in shirt sleeves.

A house that has a temperature between 19º and 22ºCIt is a nice house. If you are very cold a good blanket in front of the TV or a fat sweater while you are at the computer will be enough for you to go to heat.

Ventilate only for 10 minutes

This is a basic recommendation, which I personally carry fatally, I always have The windows openI love the fresh air and the ventilated rooms, but I understand that I cannot have everything open with two degrees below zero outside and that it will cost much more to heat the house if it has the same temperature as the outside.

It is also important close the doors of the rooms that we do not use so that the heat is concentrated where we are. And on the doors that face the outside we can put on the floor weatherstripping, whether made of cloth, foam or thin bristles to prevent dirt and cold from entering.

It is also good advice take advantage of the sun while it lasts, that is until five or six in the afternoon and then close blinds, throw the curtains to keep the warmth achieved during the day. The heating should be set from the afternoon, to get an adequate temperature when we are home longer.

I have already started following all these recommendations and I hope this year, despite changes in billing, let's notice at the end of winter what do you do to save on heating?

In Decoesfera | The cold is here! Fireplaces for everyone

Video: How to Save on Heating Costs (January 2020).

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