Hunting Black Friday special bargains: buying home basics at the best price

Really this week with Black Friday that already opened last night many stores we live in a Hunting permanent bargains reviewing all offers. It is difficult to decide which are the best, because each one will be better than others, so we have chosen to make a selection of basics that can be perfect for someone who opens a house or is now moving.

In addition to the list of selected offers that we show you Then, you can also check the list in permanent updating of decoration stores that participate in Black Friday, the detailed offers of IKEA or El Corte Inglés and a series of tips to buy correctly these days without being able to consumerism decorative.

  • We start with something that will make our lives much easier and that we can find today in several offers, for example in El Corte Inglés, the Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 785 costs from yesterday and until Sunday 398.99 euros with a 33% discount.

  • In Amazon They have started with special discounts since Monday, which are activated throughout the different days, for today they have a Soehnle black bathroom scale that has an initial price of 149.90 but will have throughout the Today a good discount.

  • Also today at Amazon there will be special discounts on the pressure cooker with 5-liter handle from Kuhn Rikon whose original price is 162.96 euros. And this is just a preview of all the offers that we will meet on Friday which will be the moment of maximum splendor of Black Friday.

  • Something that we will also need if we open a house is a washing machine, there are several offers for them, but for example the front-load Bosch WAE20367ES of 7 Kg costs in El Corte Inglés until Sunday 289.02 euros, with a 32% discount.

  • Another essential essential is the refrigerator, the LG GBB530NSCFE No Frost combi costs 598.97 euros in El Corte Inglés with a 43% discount. Remember that in this type of offers the number of units for sale at a discounted price is quite limited.

  • And another thing we need every morning, and sometimes after lunch is a coffee maker, the Krups Piccolo KP1006 espresso manual for Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules costs these days, only 29 euros, super bargain with a 63% discount.

  • We continue with something that is not essential but if very useful, a portable wireless doorbell with 48 AVANTEK melodies that will also be in promotion on Amazon today throughout the day, its initial price is 39.99 euros and we may get it below 50% discount.

  • The lighting is also a fundamental part of the house, and also in that sense we find important offers, for example a Clave floor lamp costs 62,30 euros in El Corte Inglés, with 37% discount. There are many other lamps on Black Friday promotion with similar discounts.

  • For the bed you can not miss a good mattress, the one of springs Normablock Pikolin Aruba we have it from 362 euros, practically half-price, an opportunity that we should not miss and there are also other models to choose from.

  • And if there is something that is basic and fundamental in a house, it is a sofa, such as the MALVIKEN, a 2-seater sofa that starts today and until Saturday or Sunday, according to opening, it has in many stores of IKEA discounts over 50%.

  • The PAX BIRKELAND sliding doors to improve distribution and space management are also on sale in several IKEA stores until the weekend with discounts of around 50%. Remember that you have to look at the offers of your particular store, because discounts in all stores are not the same.

  • And we finished with the FABRIKÖR showcase, another one chosen by most IKEA stores to launch in promotion with a spectacular discount on the occasion of Black Friday, remember that in IKEA the offers were announced several days ago but they started applying this morning, when discounts are applied.

It seems that he knows little considering the amount of offers we have these days to choose from and those that will appear tomorrow, but I think it can be a good starting point to guide us in our searches. Appliances, basic furniture and frequently used accessories They are among the purchases we all have in mind for these days of Gangas and Black Friday.

In Decoesfera | 11 tips to buy things from home on Black Friday without dying in the attempt

Soehnle 63760 BODY Balance Comfort Select - Bathroom scale, black

Today in amazon for € 131.64

Kuhn Rikon DUROMATIC Classic - Pressure cooker with handle, 5 l, 22 cm

Today in Amazon for € 125.76

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