11 amazing changes in your home that you can make only with paint

A simple paint can change the decoration of your house. Incredible as it may seem the color allows us to completely change the style of any object so it is a tool that we have to take into account if we are looking to take a radical turn to any of our rooms. With Leroy Merlin you have it even easier since the variety is so large that you can create endless options. These are some examples.

Dare with a black wall

There are moments in life when risk becomes the greatest opportunity, so we advise you to choose a wall of your house to which you want to give a radical change and you paint it black, with it you will get personality. Of course, keep in mind that with this color it can give you the feeling that the room is a little smaller, so choose the right one before using the roller.

Stripes, always feel good

If you have tired of seeing the wall of your room in white and want to modernize it and give it a different touch this is your best option. Buy bodybuilder tape and a level, with these two tools separate the wall into strips of the same size. Now you just have to paint a line interspersed with your favorite color, the change will be radical.

Change the color of the ladder

In many houses there are stairs, an area that is normally very used and worn but in a short time we can give it a new air. If you are bored by the natural color of the wood, go ahead with a different shade for wooden floors, black or navy blue it can be an interesting option for originality but also for the way it has of cover the defects of this material.

The wake of the doors continues

With painting we can not only change a certain area of ​​style but we can also help it to give more importance to some objects than others. If the doors of your apartment or office do not look too much and they are widely used, mark them in an original way with a paint of different color than the wall so that it contrasts much more. If we also extend its wake to the ceiling, we will get an original and striking effect.

The textures, the last shout

There are currently thousands of options in painting subjects but one of the most novel and original It is the painting with different effects. The crystal effect, like the one on the cover image, gives us luminosity, since it has a lot of brightness and changes with light, a great result for kitchens and bathrooms.

With this paillett effect paint We will give a magical and subtle touch to any room in which we apply it.

A blackboard that crowns the bed?

Is it when you are in bed the moment when your imagination is more developed? Do not worry because thanks to the slate effect paint you can make your headboard the best board of ideas.

Help yourself with one blanket in dark tone and white bedding to get a cozy atmosphere, and choose a special marker for blackboards instead of a chalk to save you dust, although if you do not make changes very often, another solution is to separate the bed at the time of writing.

The importance of a wall

If you change the decoration of your living room or bedroom and everything still reminds you of the old provision, do not worry because it is very simple give more importance to an area than to all others. Painting is the best way to turn a wall into a main one, choose a color that contrasts with the rest and paint it

Turn something simple into extraordinary

By reading this tip everything will change, now if you go through the forest and find a fallen log won't let it pass. Cut it to the size of the bed and sand it well, apply a white paint on the upper half and finish painting it with varnish to protect it, you will have an economical bedside table with a lot of style to leave your reading book, water or mobile during the night.

The paint separates spaces

If you decided remove the doors of your house to gain space and give a feeling of spaciousness but you are regretting it because now you do not find the separation you want when guests come, do not worry. With the paint you can separate visually the stays you want, so it will not be necessary to indicate at all times how far you can go.

A natural but different headboard

With just a few pallets and some wood paint you can turn a bland room into an inspiring and personal one. The headboard is forgotten by many when it comes to furnishing the bedroom, but now you will not have an excuse to complete the decoration of your home in an economical and very simple way.

Change the roof idea

There are many of us who think that the ceiling always has to be white although the walls are of any color but in reality this is still a tradition. Try to paint your whole house white and the roof of any color you like, so you will have a truly unique home.

If you have any questions about which product or paint to use on certain surfaces, do not hesitate to ask the authorized personnel at Leroy Merlin to help you and get the best result.

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