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A Christmas full of charm with Laura Ashley

Hummm, in the environment It smells like Christmas already. The streets begin to show the first lights, still without lighting, the windows begin to illuminate and have a Christmas atmosphere and the firms begin to present their collections to dress our houses with the magic of Christmas.

Today we bring you to Decoesfera the delicious collections that the British firm Laura Ashley. Some collections marked by the English Country Style designed to decorate every corner of the home in a warm and homely tone, representing that classic Christmas that I like so much ...

Christmas tree decoration

Classical, modern, Nordic ... there are many ways to decorate the Christmas tree. In this case, Laura Ashley offers us lovely ornaments for dress the tree in a classic way but without losing sight of the most modern and contemporary design.

Original pendants of various shapes, designs and materials (glass, in materials such as felt, ideal for homes with children), garlands of lights, or beautiful balls are some of the proposals of this decoration firm to decorate our tree this Christmas of 2015.

Light up your house

What would Christmas be without lighting? Lights in the streets, in shop windows, and of course, in houses. In my case, I always run away from multicolored lights and strident lights so in vogue right now, betting on candles and white and warm-looking lights, although I don't dislike the colder lights either.

And to fill the house with light, in the Laura Ashley Christmas collection they have a wide variety of garlands of lights, acrylic luminous figures with Christmas motifs, ceramic star-shaped lamps, words with light, or candles of different shapes and sizes. I particularly liked these golden candles in the form of Christmas balls.

You saw your table with the party utensils

The table ... is such an important part of the parties ... Around it we have dinner on Christmas Eve, we eat at Christmas, we have a meeting with friends ... And as we well know, in addition to the food itself, It is also important to decorate the table itself to create that warm and magical atmosphere that we look for in these dates.

To help us set a table full of charm, this decoration firm has a complete selection of products, from round table mats, to table runners, through candle holders and beautiful glasses with gold or silver trim, in addition to Christmas-inspired dishes, mugs or trays.

Let your house breathe Christmas

Christmas decoration does not have to be limited to the tree or to decorate the table on Christmas Eveā€¦ You can also dress the fireplace, the hall, or extend the decoration to other spaces of the house that we usually do not decorate, such as the bedroom.

Christmas-inspired cushions and a garland at the foot of the bed, candles on the furniture of the entrance, an elegant crown at the entrance door or diffuser sticks on a chest of drawers to spread throughout the house a delicious perfume that mixes berries and ginger, ideal for these dates, are some of the products offered by Laura Ashley for these dates.

The wrap is almost as important as the gift

For lovers of decoration, and details, wrap in a special way packaging is almost as important as the gift itself. A beautiful package decorates under the tree, and gives that special spark that we all look for when we want to make a gift.

In Laura Ashley we can find beautiful, Christmas crackers, labels and pendants of different shapes, materials and sizes, decorative tweezers, and varied papers to make your gifts more special if possible.

Video: Laura Ashley French Romantic Spring Summer 2018 Collection (January 2020).

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