The baby starts crawling: keys to a safe room

When your little one begins to crawl, usually around 7-9 months, it begins in the exploration of the environment and security acquires a new meaning. He loves to take everything to his mouth, and that's why you have to be alert to avoid danger: touch undertake some changes in the room, although it is best to do them before the baby is born. These proposals of Leroy Merlin, special for the "stage of the floor", help you to prevent accidents and at the same time to decorate the room with your favorite style.

Relaxing, non-toxic and ecological walls

Some paints emit toxic gases that can be dangerous to children's health. Hence the importance of choosing the right type: water, non-toxic, ecological and washable, such as the Sweet Dreams range or those with slate finish to paint a wall on which you will love to draw when you are a little older. The soft, neutral and pastel tones help to relax to the child and provide luminosity. Vivid colors convey joy and are perfect for rooms where a lot of natural light enters.

If you opt for wallpaper, which is fashionable, a good option is always specific for children, washable, with characters or children's drawings.

Floor: comfortable and non-slip

The floor of the room is the first place you will explore when you start crawling and as you turn years you will spend a lot of time playing there. For that permanent contact it is important that it be Nice, warm and non-slip but also durable and resistant. Wood is a very comfortable material that supports the passage of time well. The laminates are recommended for intense use and offer all comfort and style, and those that mimic the parquet are very successful and provide the warmth and beauty of the wood.

The same goes for vinyl, immune to aggression, non-slip and that you find in many finishes, for example in the form of colorful puzzle pieces or imitating white painted wood.

A soft and entertaining carpet

Maybe changing the floor does not come into your plans, then a super-comfortable, decorative possibility that also favors crawling is the carpets that cover the entire surface or only a part (ideal for delimiting spaces) as long as they are fixed so that it does not slip. In addition, being fluffy elements cushion possible blows, so they are ideal for covering ceramic coated floors. Some models come in an antiallergic material that repels dust.

If you have opted for a wall that is not overloaded, with a colorful carpet or with a striking drawing you give a fun touch and at the same time you get a great entertainment for your little one, as with this road print. Although if the walls are adorned with stickers and other elements, it is best to put a plain and single-colored carpet.

Everything tidy and out of reach

Your little one will spend hours and hours crawling on the floor and knowing what surrounds him, so he clears the room of toys inappropriate for his age, that is, nothing small objects. To help you have everything controlled and out of reach Store it in plastic boxes decorated with drawings.

The cloth and wicker are also equally practical and perfect for placing on shelves, and you find them in various colors, so they adapt to any decoration. If you put them on the floor, make sure that all the things they contain are suitable for the baby, such as stuffed animals or large dolls.

Child Safety Items

Although the room is tidy there are other dangers that you can avoid, such as pulling the long curtains. Put them better short or, if you prefer them to the ground, you can raise them by making a knot (it is very modern and original). Cover all special plugs with special plugs and prevent your fingers from sticking. Place security locks on doors and drawers and protects the corners and edges of furniture with protectors that cushion bumps.

As you can see, with these little tweaks, which you have available on the Leroy Merlin website, your baby will inspect the environment safely and you will have peace of mind, although you should always be vigilant with him.

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